Best Choice Product to Stain a Wood Deck

Stain a Wood Deck With a Product We Highly Recommend: Messmer’s UV Plus

The best choice product to stain a wood deck is a product we’ve been using ourselves for years now and highly recommend.

We recommend Messmer’s UV Plus to stain a wood deck. The reason being, Messmer’s has a high degree of UV absorbers and transparent pigmentation that that protects redwood decking and cedar decking from the intense sun found here in Colorado and Wyoming.

UV Plus also penetrates the cells of the decking and helps prevent water absorption – especially good for a wood deck. Although Messmer’s wood treatment is slightly more in cost, the longevity of in- between applications really makes it less expensive. Cheaper stains have little or no UV protection and low solid content which allows moisture to penetrate the pores of Colorado decks.

Living in the beautiful state of Colorado, we experience all four seasons, including the intense rays of the sun and sometimes extreme coldness of winter. By staining your deck with Messmer’s UV Plus, your deck will be protected.

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