DIY Fencing Ideas

You’ve decided to build your own fence and need some DIY fencing ideas. Congratulations! This blog post will give you some excellent fencing ideas for DIY folks. Best of all, you can get all your fencing materials here at Cedar Supply in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Cedar Fencing

Need some privacy surrounding your property?
Installing a cedar fence is an excellent choice, here’s why:
Cedar fence is the most popular type of fencing used today for privacy. When you see a wood privacy fence, it’s more than likely cedar lumber.
Cost-wise, it's somewhat cheaper than redwood, pressure-treated, and vinyl. Plus, most lumber yards and big box stores stock cedar fence materials.
Buyer beware! There are many different grades of cedar fence materials. Here at Cedar Supply, we offer two different grades to meet the DIY budget. We only buy premium-grade cedar fencing from trusted lumber mills that offer consistent quality levels.

Vinyl Fencing

Although higher in cost in comparison to cedar fencing, there is very little maintenance and it’s virtually a life time product.

Vinyl fencing is rapidly becoming very popular. You’re starting to see more DIY customers installing this type of fencing in Loveland, Colorado and Greeley, Colorado.

Cedar Supply is one of just a handful of vinyl fabricators that have state-of-the-art vinyl fencing machines.

We buy vinyl materials by the truck load and can manufacture any style of vinyl fence within just a few days. By purchasing in large quantities, we can offer extremely competitive pricing compared to the big box stores. Visit our sister site: for more ideas.

Fencing Ideas


Chain link Fence

Although chain link fencing is used primarily for commercial and industrial applications, we offer chain link for residential purposes.

If you were not aware, Cedar Supply manufactures its own chain link. We’re the only company in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska that actually manufactures its own high quality, U.S.-made chain link materials.

You can order specific sizes and gauges and we can get your order out for delivery within just a few days.

Ornamental Iron

If privacy is not a concern and you’re looking for a fence more for aesthetics, then you might consider ornamental iron.

This style of fence comes in several different styles and heights. The nice thing about ornamental iron is that it is easy to install and virtually maintenance free.

Split Rail Fencing and Green Dowel Rail Fencing

These two types of fencing are a rail-style that is offered in either a two rail or three rail configuration.

Split rail, which is manufactured using cedar lumber is installed primarily for aesthetics. The rails are triangular shaped and the posts have a five to six sided design.

Green Doweled, or sometimes called western rail fence have round posts and rails. It is a pine product that has been chemically treated to fight rot and decay. This product that you see here along the Front Range such as in Greeley, Colorado and Longmont, Colorado are manufactured in eight foot sections. Green dowel fencing is easy to install and the post can be tamped as opposed to cementing them in.

Cedar Supply Lumber Company stocks both styles of fence in large quantities both in two and three rail.

Fencing Accessories

Finally: don’t forget fencing accessories on your list of DIY fencing ideas. Visit this page in our Cedar Supply website for pictures and information about fencing accessories; or stop by our store today to see our huge display of different accessories we stock as well as displays of the different styles of fencing listed above.

Now you have a variety of DIY fencing ideas to think about before making this important decision that will add great value to your home or commercial property. Let us know if we can answer any questions you may have. We’re here to help you. Call 970-663-2828.

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