DIY Outdoor Kitchen

Being outside in your own backyard, relaxing in your DIY Outdoor Kitchen has got to be one of the sweet spots of life. Why not build your own?  Cedar Supply is an authorized dealer of the AOG and Fire Magic brands of outdoor grills.  Their American made stainless steel products are the finest quality available.  Plus, we have fountains, pergolas and other outdoor kitchen products and, of course, we have the wood, wood stain and design accessories to help you build the perfect outdoor oasis. We’ve even got helpful experts to assist you as you shop.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen creators should consider the following things before designing or building your own outdoor kitchen:

  1. Will your outdoor kitchen area be a private retreat or an entertainment center or both? You can create this space to be whatever you envision.
  2. Will you need a small refrigerator and freezer to stay outside? Consider the freezing temperatures of Colorado winters and make this appliance portable so you can wheel it inside the garage during a cold snap.
  3. Also, as you consider the value a DIY Outdoor Kitchen will add to your home, you’ll need to decide if this will be a permanent fixture that stays with the home when you sell it or if this will be portable so you can bring it all with you to your new home.
  4. Will this be U-shape or L-shape?
  5. Before you buy anything, be sure to figure out your “cut-out” dimensions of all appliances and even your sofas or other built-in furniture. You can go to the manufacturers’ websites or do a Google search for “outdoor kitchen accessory dimensions” and find helpful information. Or call us at Cedar Supply with your cut-out dimensions and we’ll let you know what we have in our showroom for you.
  6. Decide if you’ll be building a steel frame and cement board type of outdoor kitchen or lightweight concrete panels or lumber and plywood. Steel frame lasts the longest.
  7. What special features would you like to have? Be sure to design these before you start shopping for building materials and outdoor kitchen accessories. Here are some ideas for additional features beyond the standard grill and refrigerator:
  • Sink and Prep Area
  • Pizza oven
  • Fireplace
  • 2nd grill
  • Smoker
  • Movie Screen
  • TV 
  • Wifi station to charge devices
  • Hammock
  • Bed 
  • OutDeck Fence
  • Privacy Fence

DIY Outdoor Kitchen

Also, keep in mind, the following, before you purchase a AOG or Fire Magic Grill:

  • Do you salt your food when you grill it?
  • Does your food ever have drippings?
  • Does salt and moisture create rust?
  • If so, does the stainless-steel exterior do anything for you if the burners aren’t stainless as well?

Cast burners will rust eventually and ruin the grill.  RH Peterson products have stainless steel burners as well.  It’s a slight increase in pricing, but it’s a small price to pay for a quality built product.

Come in to speak with any of our trained professionals about finding the right grill and other accessories for your new DIY outdoor kitchen.

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