Installing Privacy Fence Pickets Correctly

Follow our step-by-step instructions in this blog post so that you’ll be installing privacy cedar fences correctly.
You can install a cedar fence in several ways to ensure backyard privacy.
First, you need to dig a hole that’s two feet deep and eight inches in diameter.
You can then place the cedar fence post down into the hole and use the existing dirt from the hole to compact the dirt equally around the post.
Or you can go the extra mile and concrete the cedar fence post. We recommend this approach because if you compact dirt, you could end up with problems later – especially when high winds come along, which seem to be getting more prevalent each year.
Under such windy conditions, a six-foot cedar fence will act as a “sail,” forcing a section of it to tilt under the pressure. If you were to use dirt instead of concrete, you would constantly be busy trying to upright these tilted sections.
Using concrete to set up a cedar fence works best because it secures the post in position. This way, you won't have to keep the fence line straight.

Fence Pickets

A Tip About Using Concrete to Set a Wooden Post for Installing Privacy Fence Pickets Correctly

We recommend that you use a wheel barrel to mix the concrete, rather than just dumping a dry mix concrete in the hole and adding water.

By mixing concrete in a wheel barrel, you can control the consistency of the product and water so that you’ll come up with a good mixture that’s not too soupy. You’ll have a thick batch that you can easily apply down into the hole. Should be thick enough that you do not need to brace the post in place.

Remember this to prevent rotting: be sure to mound the concrete at the top of the hole up against the post, so that when it rains, the water will exit away from the post and prevent water from getting down between the concrete and post, which can cause rotting over time.

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