OutDeco Screen

There’s a new outdoor product from down under that is taking the United States by storm: Garden Screens by OutDeco. Make your backyard space the trendiest in the neighborhood with this beautiful and sustainable product. This product is uniquely available to the northern Colorado area by Cedar Supply. Whether you’re in Fort Collins, Greeley, Cheyenne, or anywhere in between, you can transform your backyard with OutDeco Screen.

Top 5 Reasons to Love OutDeco Screens:

1. Private

If the view from your hot tub is of your neighbor’s ugly fence, OutDeco Screen is the solution to your problems. This screen can be installed directly on your deck or patio to create a private outdoor space with beautiful design. OutDeco Screens come in a variety of blockout ratios – so whether you’re looking for a little privacy and lots of natural light or near-complete isolation, there’s an OutDeco Screen for you.

OutDeco Screens

2. Eco-Friendly

OutDeco Screens are made in Australia from local resources, they are manufactured with the environment in mind. The base of the screen is made of ethically sourced hardwood. Instead of straining natural timber resources, the hardwood used in in our screens is considered waste and not used by many other industries. Also, instead of creating more carbon dioxide, the product actually absorbs it during production, keeping the air cleaner.

3. Versatile

OutDeco Screens come in a wide variety of designs and privacy gradations to match your style and needs. You can get creative during installation by alternating different designs and rotating the panels to fit your space. And if you’re really looking to make a statement, these panels can be stained or painted with outdoor paints and finishes to make it your own. At night, make them the focal point with strategic backlighting.

4. Safe for the Family

It seems like any product made from natural materials would be safe for your family, but that’s not always true. Many hardwood screens actually contain harmful substances. In addition to being eco-friendly, OutDeco Screens are free from Volatile Organic Compounds and carcinogens. You can feel at peace when installing OutDeco Screens around your pool where the kids love to play.

5. Durable

OutDeco Screens are made from natural materials and built to last. Each screen is coated with Decoshield technology to prevent deterioration. You can simply install the screens without any extra coating or staining and enjoy them as they naturally weather over time. OutDeco offers a 10 year Material Warranty – so if natural conditions cause rot in one of your panels, you’re covered.

OutDeco Screens

What are you waiting for?

Get your deck or patio ready for summer with the new Garden Screens by OutDeco. From Loveland to Longmont and across the northern Colorado area, Cedar Supply is ready to help you transform your outdoor living space. Become the coolest house on the block with trendy and sustainable OutDeco Screens.

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