Should I Buy a Knotty Alder Door for My Home?

Have you recently asked yourself this question: should I buy a knotty alder door for my home? We hope you’ll find the following information helpful. A knotty alder door is an outstanding addition to almost any home. This blog post will explain the benefits of buying knotty alder doors.

If you’ve got a western-style, rustic or Mediterranean style home, then a knotty alder door can greatly compliment your home décor.

One of the many benefits of this type of wooden door for your home is that its construction is solid and sturdy as opposed to standard hollow doors.

Another benefit is its beauty. Knotty alder doors come in many patterns that are Mother Nature’s work. The knots are a natural feature of these style of doors and usually, the main reason so many people find them to be a stunning addition to their homes. If you desire to incorporate a natural wood type of look into your home décor, consider one of these types of doors.


The versatility of its beauty is another benefit for buying knotty alder doors. You can buy one in “raw” form, in which you then stain it yourself from many different stunning shades of stains on the market. Or you can simply coat your knotty alder door in a wood lacquer.

Another great benefit is that solid knotty doors add great value to your home. The beautiful custom home look not only increases current value but is fantastic for resale purposes.

Front entry doors with glass accents create a “WOW!” factor for any home – and they are reasonably priced.

Here at Cedar Supply Lumber Company, we have many knotty alder doors to choose from. Stop by our showroom to see these beautiful doors up close. Photos do not truly convey their beauty.

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