Timbers and Glue Lams

When shopping for timbers and glue lams in Fort Collins, there aren’t many places to find these specialty building materials except for Cedar Supply. For over 30 years, Cedar Supply has been a supplier of good quality cedar, doug fir, and treated timbers used in both residential and commercial applications. We have a large number of high-end, custom home builders who spec our timbers and glue lams because they know the quality and competitive pricing we offer. So, next time a project comes up for glue lams and or timbers, give us a call. We would love to spec your next unique project.

Glue Lams

Beautiful finished Doug Fir & Exterior grade Alaskan Yellow Cedar.
Always a necessity for extreme structural spans.

Cedar Timber

Most popular timbers for outdoor pergolas, gazebos &

Doug Fir Timber

Known for the structural qualities for custom homes

Treated Timbers

Excellent for pole barns, decks, gazebos, and retaining walls