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Cedar Supply is a reputed timber supply company with over three decades of experience in the business and thousands of happy customers ranging from DIY enthusiasts to custom home builders.

If you need timbers, glulams, and other building material supply for your project, few timber supply companies can meet your needs in Fort Collins, CO, and the surrounding area. Cedar Supply is a reputed and reliable supplier of lumber, including high-quality Douglas fir, cedar, and treated timbers for commercial and residential construction, decks, pergolas, and landscaping projects. 

Choose From a Wide Variety of Timber Frame Options

Choosing the suitable wood for the framing of your house can be a daunting task. This is because there are many modern timber frames and timber frame kits for sale. 

A timber frame from our timber frame shop joined to form insulating roof with a pipe running across Cedar Supply timber frame cost is affordable for every homeowner. The front side of a house shows a timber supply used as insulating material under the roof. A loader truck of timber frames for sale with tags on them, ready to be shipped to customers

We're one of the best timber frame companies in North Colorado. These are some of the frame structures for you:

  • Light structural lumber framing
  • Heavy timber framing
  • Finger-joint lumber framing

We have been in the business for over three decades, answering the need for specialty timber of numerous custom home builders and do-it-yourselfers alike. Whether you want specific dimensions for your timber frame or you’re still in the planning stage and you have common questions like “what is timber framing?” or “what is the best wood for timber framing?”, we can help. 

Our knowledgeable staff will answer all questions and help you choose from our large timber supply covering: 

  • Cedar timbers
  • Treated timbers
  • Douglas Fir timbers
  • Douglas Fir Glulams
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar Glulams
  • Microlams
  • Treated LVL's

No matter what you are trying to build or what your needs are, you’ll find everything you need in our store, from timber for sale at a great price to custom cost estimates and professional advice. 

Timber Frame Cost:  What is The Value of Your Wood Frames?

The wood for your timber frame can vary depending on the wood you want to use for your project. Our expert wood framers will give a price estimation for your project. We'll guide you to select the cost-effective lumber to build your house. 

We're the lumber company to guide you through the price estimation process if you're thinking of the best Colorado timber frame. We have a good deal of timber frames for sale in our shops.

Contact One of the Best Timber Frame Suppliers in Fort Collins, CO!

Whether you are looking for a specific size of timber or gathering timber frame cost estimates to plan your budget and compare offers? Or perhaps you need recommendations for a skilled contractor to turn your dreams into reality. 

Stop by our timber frame shop in Fort Collins or call us at (970) 663-2828! Our consultants will answer all your questions, provide advice and recommendations, show you our timber frame supply, help you estimate costs, and schedule the delivery. Our service area includes: 

  • Fort Collins
  • Cheyenne
  • Denver
  • Greeley
  • Longmont
  • Boulder
  • Loveland

You couldn’t choose a better timber frame supplier company for your project!


Drew R.
If you want quality cedar products, forget the big-box and come here. Full service and great advice… They serve the Pros, but do-it-yourselfers are welcome.
Lori Gama
Each and every time I come here, I am helped by very nice, friendly people who really know what they’re doing. The level of expertise is outstanding.
Chuck Hull
I was going to rebuild my deck and was looking at various vendors. The people at Cedar Supply were the most knowledgeable and helpful.
Kevin Lyon
Knowledgeable, friendly staff who go the extra mile to ensure success with your project.
Jade Pender
Cedar Supply has provided the upmost respect, professionalism, and customer service with all of our projects.
Chad Wittenmyer
Great service! They had the hard to find parts in stock that the big box places have to special order.
Thomas Haines
We use Cedar Supply for all our decks and pergolas. They are the best around hands down.
Ron Cole
My experience was just going in for a quote but WOW! They were so nice and helpful.

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