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Cedar Supply has over 40 years of experience in business as a supplier of materials for private clients and contractors, including wholesale decking materials and supplies for affordable prices.

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Choosing the right decking material in Colorado is a real challenge. There are so many options for deck boards and other materials that it can be overwhelming, but the best outdoor decking material supply store can make it very easy for you. Here at Cedar Supply, we strive to provide homeowners and contractors in the Fort Collins, CO, area with a complete line of quality decking materials. All you need to do is give our lumber company your deck measurements, and we will handle the rest.

With a beautiful showroom full of displays and over 1200 square feet of outdoor Trex, Timbertech, Evergrain, Deckorators, and Fiberon composite decking supplies on display, we’ll educate you on all your Fort Collins decking options, provide you with a competitive cost for decking material, and deliver the material right to your front door.

Our Decking Material Benefits

  • Low Maintenance. Forget about seasonal sanding or staining! You can clean your composite decking material with a garden hose in minutes.
  • Easy Installation. Our materials install just as easily as wood.
  • Ecological. The majority of composite decking material is made from recycled wood and plastic, which helps keep the materials environmentally friendly.
  • Better Looking. Composite deck boards are made to imitate wood, which will give your project a unique and stylish look.
  • Reasonably Protected. To extend the life of our decking, we use only quality materials. That's why composite deck materials won't rot or crack under the influence of weather conditions.

Decking material from Cedar Supply North made with the imitation of natural wood. With decking supplies from Cedar Supply North you can create a perfect deck you need. Outdoor decking material can be used for every type of outdoor deck in every climate. At Cedar Supply North we made new decking material from bamboo and recycled plastic. Cedar Supply North is one of the “decking suppliers near me” in Colorado state.

Decking Material Options for Your Project

Whether you are planning deck replacement or you want to build a new deck, the first thing you need to do is decide on the new decking material.

You can choose from:

Wood Decking

Cedar, Redwood, and Hardwood decking material are durable and give your deck the true wood look Coloradans love so much. This traditional type of building supply remains in great demand.

Composite Decking

Another popular option is composite decking materials. Boasting great durability and low maintenance, these boards also maintain their look even under intense foot traffic.

Hardwood Decking

If you want to get the best quality and durability, hardwood decking materials are the right choice for you. They look stunning and give your home a touch of timeless beauty.

Treated Framing

This outdoor decking material is made from pressure-treated wood, giving it extra strength and endurance for a long-lasting structure.

Deck Railings

For increased safety and to give your home a stylish look, install a rail around your deck. We can provide decking supplies that match the look of the boards of your choice.

What to Consider

Want to buy decking materials? First, consider the following:

  • Price: Wood is an affordable option, while composite and PVC are a bit more expensive. Consider the material prices, your budget, and the long-term cost-effectiveness when making a decision.
  • Appearance: This will affect the overall look and aesthetic of your outdoor space. Wood offers a natural and traditional look. Other decking materials like composite and PVC can mimic the look of wood but differ in color and texture.
  • Maintenance: Wooden material requires regular sealing, staining, and refinishing to keep it properly maintained. Modern options like composite and PVC are low-maintenance and only require occasional cleaning.
  • Longevity: Wood decking can last for years with proper maintenance (so you won’t have to replace it again and again if you're diligent). Composite and PVC decking materials are even more resistant and sturdy – they can stand the test of time!

Your Home Deserves the Best Decking Building Supplies

Even if you buy the most premium decking material options, you won’t be able to reap the maximum benefits without proper installation. Proper ventilation and fasteners can make all the difference. New decking material options, such as composite decking, contract and expand a bit differently (as compared to wood), you must adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure proper installation.

Choose Decking Suppliers You Can Trust

Stop looking for “decking suppliers near me.” We can provide you with an extensive list of highly qualified, reputable local deck contractors. Stop by Cedar Supply today, and see the largest selection of decking supplies in Fort Collins firsthand. 

We also deliver our products to your home in:

  • Fort Collins, CO 
  • Cheyenne County, CO 
  • Denver, CO 
  • Greeley, CO 
  • Loveland, CO 
  • Longmont, CO 
  • Boulder, CO 
  • Windsor, CO 

Call us now to learn more about our decking material for sale at 970-663-2828.

  • What is the best decking material?

    Composite decking is the best decking material. Long lasting, little to no maintenance and the look of wood make it the best choice.

  • What are the different decking materials?

    Decking materials come in various material options, such as:

    1. Wood

    2. PVC 

    3. Composite

    4. Aluminum (the best among metal options)

    5. Fiberglass

  • What deck material lasts the longest?

    Among decking building supplies, the most long-lasting option is IPE decking which can last for up to 75 years!


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