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Cedar Supply is the top wood decking company in Colorado and offers the best material at the most affordable price. Contact us for the best materials and bend-over backward service.

Wood decking is one of the biggest preferences for homeowners and has replaced all other decking materials. However, finding and installing the right decking can be challenging. Fortunately, if you are looking for wood decks in Colorado, Cedar supply can help you. Cedar Supply is at the top of the industry with a lifetime of experience selling decks and several decking materials.

We offer a variety of modern choices to buyers, including:

  • Cedar
  • Signature Redwood
  • Brazilian Redwood
  • Margaris
  • Tigerwood
  • Ipe 

With some of the most affordable wood decking prices and a huge range of wood supplies, there is no better option than Cedar Supply.

Top Choice For Wood Decking Materials

Before you buy decking wood, you must know the kinds of benefits you can get. Choosing a deck material can be a difficult choice that you can not make haphazardly. Hence, knowing the benefits of wood materials can help you decide. We have a variety of decking wood for sale should you choose to buy one. 

The many benefits of wood floor include the following:

  • Strength: wood is stronger and more durable than other decking materials, such as composite, and can endure harsh conditions. 
  • Aesthetic: decks give your home a natural and elegant look that plastic decks can not compare to. 
  • Ease of Installation: Wood decking material is lightweight and easy to work with. It does not require special tools to cut, drill, or saw, and it allows you a versatile choice of designs. 
  • Environmentally Friendly: wood is a natural and renewable product that does not produce hazardous chemicals. Instead, wood can absorb carbon dioxide and improve the environment. Moreover, wood is completely biodegradable, unlike plastic.

The Best Wood Decking For sale in Colorado 

Cedar Supply has two wood decking material options available for you to choose from; Cedar Decking and Redwood Decking. Cedar Decking is a durable wood that is resistant to any rot or insect attack. Moreover, it can resist moisture and last for up to 20 years. Redwood decking is a sustainable decking material that provides a reddish-brown hue to your deck and works perfectly in Colorado’s climate. 

Cedar supply has the best redwood and cedar wood decking for sale. Moreover, you can choose from a range of other wholesale materials and designs. We can help you find the best wood decking boards for your build project needs.

Colorado’s top Decking Wood Suppliers

Here at Cedar Supply, we are the best decking wood suppliers that aim to always put the customer first and provide you with any facility you require. We understand that you might want to ponder your choice or ask your partner or contractor before deciding on your outdoor wood decking. Hence, we try to facilitate you through free samples of metal and wood to take home and compare to make the best decision.

Moreover, we have knowledgeable and trained sales staff to help you with your decision. With many materials stocked, you will not have to worry about being limited in your options. Additionally, we provide a range of delivery times to work with, whatever is suitable for you.

Cedar Supply is the top wood decking supplier in all of Colorado and serves nearby areas, including: 

  • Fort Collins, CO 
  • Windsor, CO 
  • Loveland, CO 
  • Cheyenne, CO 
  • Greeley, CO 

Contact us and get your options for wood materials.

  • How Long Does a Wood Deck Last?

    Wood decks when properly maintained can last up to 25 years. 

  • What is the best wood decking material?

    Typically Cedar or Redwood are the best options. Unmatched beauty and long lasting.


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