Get Signature Redwood Decking From Cedar Supply In Fort Collins, CO

If you’re looking for redwood deck materials, Cedar Supply can provide high-quality materials to make your outdoor recreation space stand out. This softwood is rare and highly valuable!

Cedar Supply is a top-tier local wood decking supplier in Fort Collins, Colorado. Before the introduction of composite decking, redwood decking was the #1 choice of deck materials for all types of decks. At Cedar Supply, we continue the tradition by stocking our signature smooth, "dry" redwood decking not found in most lumber companies or big box stores.

Today, some opt to buy newer options, such as IPE, composite boards, and so on, but our redwood deck boards for sale are still worth the cost. They stand out as an all-time classic option that appeals to people with a keen sense of outdoor décor.

Benefits Of Choosing Classic Redwood Decking

Redwood is a rare and highly valuable softwood. It is easy to work with and resistant to warping and cupping. Our wholesale redwood deck boards have limited splits, wane, and large loose knots. Plus, the wood boards offer vibrant colors, thus giving a modern aesthetic to your home.

Using our redwood decking materials, you can make a gorgeous-looking deck for continuous enjoyment and comfort for years to come at a price you can afford!

Here’s why you should pick redwood:

It Offers A Unique Aesthetic Blend Of Vibrant Red Color And Wood Grain

Redwood decking boards offer an exceptional blend of vibrant red tones and the natural pattern of wood grain. The red color adds warmth to outdoor spaces, making it visually distinctive. The wood grain pattern complements this color. This unique combination makes redwood the perfect aesthetic choice for outdoor decks.

Strong, Durable, Lightweight & Easy To Handle

The strength and durability of our redwood decking material means that you can enjoy long-lasting performance as it can withstand the elements and heavy use. Despite its sturdiness, it remains lightweight, so it’s pretty simple to install.

Want to Keep Your Redwood Deck Looking Great?

The best part is that you can easily stain your redwood decking boards. The stained redwood boards present a variety of color options, from rich browns to deeper reds, allowing you to personalize your deck to your liking.

Non-stained redwood decking material showcases the wood's natural red tones, giving your outdoor space a classic and timeless look. It preserves the authenticity of the wood, providing a more rustic and organic feel.

The choice is yours!

Smooth Surface Redwood:

  • 2×2 Balusters
  • 2×4 Rails 8′ through 16′
  • 2×6 Decking 8′ through 20′
  • 4×4 Post 8′ through 16′
  • Fascia 1×4 through 1×12 
  • 2x8, 2x10 & 2x12 Boards









Get The Best Redwood Decking For Sale From Cedar Supply

At Cedar Supply, you’ll get the finest redwood decking for sale – you’ll thank yourself when you see how your deck turns out. Usually, the cost falls between $5 and $6 per square foot, but if you want to know more about redwood decking prices, feel free to reach out to us!

Our experienced salespersons will answer any question you may have (such as if it is cheaper to replace metal with redwood) – Cedar Supply proudly serves the following areas:

  • Cheyenne
  • Denver
  • Greeley
  • Loveland
  • Longmont
  • Boulder

Also, if you don’t have the skills to build your outdoor deck, we can help. We can give you a list of professional contractors in northern Colorado who can do the job. Plus, you can count on us to offer quality for an affordable redwood decking cost.

Call us today at (970) 663-2828!


  • How much does redwood decking cost?

    Redwood decking runs approximately $7 a square foot.

  • Is redwood good for decking?

    Redwood’s natural resistance to weather, beauty and durability make it one of the best choices for wood decking.

  • How much gap to leave with redwood decking?

    When installing redwood it is recommended to leave about a ⅜” gap between boards for proper breathability and drainage.

  • How long will a redwood deck last?

    Our wholesale redwood decking material is sturdy and long-lasting. If it is properly maintained and taken good care of, it can stay in perfect shape for up to 30 years. Putting a protective layer on top will also double the lifespan.

  • What is the best color stain for a redwood deck?

    You can use stain oils for a deep finish on your decking material; we highly recommend the Natural Redwood and Clear stains for their visual appeal.

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