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  • What is the easiest fence to install?

    Ornamental Steel fencing is the easiest fence to install. The panels are pre-welded and attach to the posts with brackets mounted to each post. Simply set your posts in concrete and attach the panels.

  • What is the longest lasting fence material?

    The longest lasting fence around is Vinyl Fencing. Made to withstand harsh climates with little to no maintenance.

  • What type of cedar is best for fences?

    Western Red Cedar is the preferred option when it comes to cedar. Western Red Cedar acclimates to most any climate and is long lasting.

  • How much does a cedar fence cost?

    Privacy Cedar fencing can be anywhere from $20-30 per linear foot for the material. Rail fencing can run about $20-25 per linear foot.

  • How Long Does Vinyl Fence Last?

    Vinyl Fencing can last a lifetime with proper installation.

  • How to install vinyl fencing?

    Vinyl Fencing is easy to install. Simply set your posts and insert the rails and pickets for privacy fencing. Rail fencing is even easier.

  • Can you decorate a vinyl fence?

    Sometimes using unique post caps can dress up any vinyl fence.

  • What metal is chain link fence made from?

    Chain Link is usually made from galvanized steel.

  • How much does a wrought iron fence cost?

    Wrought Iron fencing can be expensive being that it is usually custom made by a welding company. Ornamental Steel can give you a similar look for half the price. Simple 4’ tall fencing can run as cheap as $30 per linear foot.

  • What Is a Wrought Iron Fence?

    Wrought Iron fencing is usually custom made by a welding company made out of raw steel and then powder coated.

  • What is the best decking material?

    Composite decking is the best decking material. Long lasting, little to no maintenance and the look of wood make it the best choice.

  • How Long Does a Wood Deck Last?

    Wood decks when properly maintained can last up to 25 years. 

  • What is the best wood decking material?

    Typically Cedar or Redwood are the best options. Unmatched beauty and long lasting.

  • How much does cedar decking cost?

    Cedar decking can be as low as $6 a square foot

  • Is cedar wood good for a deck?

    Cedar is a great option for decking. Cedar’s beauty and longevity is unmatched.

  • How much does redwood decking cost?

    Redwood decking runs approximately $7 a square foot.

  • Is redwood good for decking?

    Redwood’s natural resistance to weather, beauty and durability make it one of the best choices for wood decking.

  • How much gap to leave with redwood decking?

    When installing redwood it is recommended to leave about a ⅜” gap between boards for proper breathability and drainage.

  • What is composite board?

    Composite boards are a synthetic man-made board that is made out of wood and plastics that are co-extruded.

  • How long does composite decking last?

    Composite decking can last 25 or more years and has a warranty to back that up.

  • What's the best composite decking?

    There are many choices when choosing composite decking. At Cedar Supply we stick with well known, high quality brands like Trex, Timbertech, Fiberon, Deckorators and Envisions.

  • How much does trex decking cost?

    Trex has a few different cost options to accommodate any budget ranging from $5-$13 per square foot.

  • What is the most popular trex deck color?

    Trex has some amazing colors to choose from but the most popular for Cedar Supply is Rocky Harbor.

  • What is trex decking material?

    Trex is a composite decking material made of recycled wood and plastics specifically designed to resist fading, staining and all sorts of weather.

  • How to clean hardwood decking?

    Simple rinsing with water does the trick with typical dirt and grime. For more stubborn areas, a deck wash for wood decking is recommended.

  • Which Hardwood Decking Material is Best?

    There are many species of Hardwood decking. Ipe’ is probably the most popular with its extreme durability, strength and beautiful brown and blonde hues. There is no one best hardwood decking due to the similarities in performance however, Mangaris and Brazilian Redwood tend to do better in dry climates. They also take a stain better than some species.

  • What is exotic hardwood decking?

    Exotic hardwood decking refers to species that are not grown in the U.S.. Most of these species are harvested in South America and Asia.

  • What is tigerwood decking?

    Tigerwood decking is perhaps the most exotic looking of all of the exotic hardwood decking species. It has a very unique grain pattern mixing in darker shades with lighter to give it a one of a kind look.

  • How to care for a tiger wood decking board?

    Simple rinsing with water does the trick with typical dirt and grime. For more stubborn areas, a deck wash for wood decking is recommended.

  • What are the pros and cons of tiger wood decking?

    Tigerwood offers incredible durability while providing very unique wood patterns that is unmatched by any other wood species. As with most hardwood decking Tigerwood can be tough to upkeep to maintain its original colors. Yearly sealing is required.

  • What is ipe decking?

    Ipe’ is a unique hardwood decking product due to its unbelievable strength. It is perhaps one of the most dense woods around and is made to last a lifetime.

  • How to install ipe decking?

    Ipe can be installed either with screws directly through the top of the decking once they are pre-drilled or with hidden fastening a board with a pre-grooved edge.

  • How much does ipe decking cost?

    Ipe can be on the higher side of all of the hardwood decking options at approximately $25 per square foot

  • What type of wood is used for deck railings?

    Deck railings made out of wood are usually made out of cedar or redwood. Stay away from treated pine as it may warp and twist after installation on wood railings.

  • What type of deck railing is best?

    The best deck railing is the one that has the best value when it comes to pricing, longevity and looks.

  • What is the best wood for a railing?

    The best wood to use for deck railings are usually made out of cedar or redwood. Stay away from treated pine as it may warp and twist after installation on wood railings.

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