Colorado’s Favorite Vinyl Fencing Company

Consider choosing Cedar Supply North for inexpensive fencing supplies, so you can easily install your own vinyl fence as a privacy screen for your backyard.

Cedar Supply is the only company that manufactures vinyl fencing in Fort Collins, and one of the very few companies that fabricate vinyl fencing in all of Colorado. By buying blank vinyl materials in truck loads, our fence supply company has the luxury of producing any style and heights of vinyl fencing to meet your needs.

Why Choose Vinyl Fencing Panels?

There are many benefits of choosing vinyl fencing panels. These include:

  • Strength: Compared to wood, vinyl is about five times stronger. Its flexibility makes it resilient against extreme weather.
  • Easy maintenance: You need to do little to no maintenance on vinyl fencing panels. You just need soap and water to clean it.
  • Cost-effective: This type of fence is generally less expensive than iron or wood fences. You also do not need to pay for painting!
  • Easy installation: Many people can install the fences themselves.
  • Environmentally friendly: There are no hazardous chemicals on this type of fence. It is recycled, so there is not any waste involved.

Pick One of the Top Vinyl Fencing Companies in Fort Collins, CO

Cedar Supply has partnered up with one of the leading vinyl extruders, Westech, which allows us to offer a solid, limited lifetime warranty on all these products. Rest assured that there will be no yellowing, chipping, cracking, or chalking. So when you’re ready for your new white or tan regular-style or custom vinyl fence, give us a call or visit our sister site Vinyl Fence Materials. You’ll be glad you did!


Privacy Fence

Privacy / Privacy w/Lattice 3', 4', 5',6' Heights, 8' Wide Sections

Picket Fence

Straight Picket or Down Scallop 3', 4', 5' & 6' Heights, 6' Wide Sections 3" Pickets With 3" Spacing

Panel Fence

Open or Semi Privacy 3′, 4′, 5′ & 6′ Heights, 8′ Wide Sections 3″ Pickets

Ranch Rail

2-Rail or 3-Rail: 1-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 16' Rails: 2-Rail Approx. 36" Tall, 3-Rail Approx. 48" Tall
* 4-Rail available upon request