Backyard Waterfalls of All Sizes; Residential & Commercial

Whatever type of waterfall you’re looking for, it should blend with the outdoor living amenities of your property. Contact Cedar Supply for help with your design.

Bring nature to your home with backyard waterfalls that enhance the beauty of your property. Whether you are looking for a simple waterfall or something much larger and more luxurious, we will find you the best solutions. 

If you’ve seen some gorgeous backyard waterfalls in the center of a garden or a pond, you can easily describe your design to us, and we’ll do our best to get you a striking waterfall that perfectly matches your outdoor furniture. Our team provides professional services that will enrich your property with a unique design.  

Custom Backyard Waterfalls to Elevate Your Outdoors Experience

Cascading boulders, tiered waterfalls, fountain backyard waterfalls, free-standing waterfalls, pools, and cave waterfalls… The choice is truly overwhelming. At Cedar Supply, you can always seek a more personalized custom design according to your backyard. When it comes to outdoor waterfalls, we focus on artistry as much as practicality. 

Whether you choose a luxurious water feature or a small rock waterfall to spruce up your yard, we will provide you with a list of professional local installation contractors throughout northern Colorado to assist you in the installation phase. 

Cedar Supply is capable of providing you with backyard waterfalls that are unique and durable to sustain impact, moisture, abrasion, cold, and heat. We believe in efficient construction without the involvement of heavy machinery and offer a wide variety of color selections and surface profiles. 

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Backyard waterfalls should not just be beautiful - they should complement your entire line of outdoor living amenities. We will help you in choosing the perfect design according to your project. 

Cedar Supply is physically located in Fort Collins, CO, whereas our service areas include:

  • Cheyenne
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Are you ready to design unique backyard waterfalls? Feel free to consult our team of highly skilled and trained employees. 


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