Wood Decks In Colorado Turn Gray If Not Treated!

When we talk about high quality deck treatments, we are talking about those products that are high in solid contents and contains premium UV absorbents transparent pigments.

The primary reason why wood decks in Colorado turn gray if not treated, is due to moisture, the sun’s UV rays and pollutants in the air which affect all wood decks. A good example of weathering of wood decks, is a brand new car with a shiny black paint finish. If this vehicle is left out in the elements for a long period of time and never moved,  it would not be very long until this brand new shiny black paint which you can see the reflection of your face in becomes oxidized and discolored due to the suns direct UV rays, rain and dirt that we experience here in Wyoming and Colorado.

Wood Decks

How can I prevent this from happening to my cedar decking and redwood decking?

As mentioned earlier, you need to apply a high quality deck product such as Messmer’s natural wood deck finishes sold here at Cedar Supply that helps block out the these intense rays and prevents moisture from entering the wood decks pores. Unfortunately unlike composite decking, all wood species will need to be treated every couple of years in order to prevent this weathering process. In one our up coming post, we will give you some advice on what brands of deck finishes to use for cedar decks and redwood decks located here in Fort Collins and Greeley.

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