The Best Hardwood Decking Supply for Your Home Improvement Project

Cedar Supply North knows everything about wood and carries a comprehensive range of hardwood decking supply materials, including exotic varieties, to satisfy all our client’s preferences.

If you’re considering outdoor hardwood decking for your project, Cedar Supply North is the place to check out a huge selection. We are the largest supplier of decking boards in Colorado. Our product offering consists of over 20,000 feet of various types of beautiful hardwood decking material: wood, trex, composite, and more.

Hardwood decking for sale provides the irresistible natural look of wood and the durability and low maintenance of composite. This exotic wood decking has incredible durability for a long-lasting deck. It is also five times stronger than composite decking, which means it won’t need replacement anytime soon.

And don’t worry, as you’ll have plenty of hardwood decking supply material at a competitive price to choose from. All you have to do is stop by the Cedar Supply store in Fort Collins, and our representatives will help with everything you need.

Discover Our Large Selection of Hardwood Decking Material

Our hardwood decking supply includes a board selection covering the four popular hardwood decking types:

  • Mangaris Decking - The only features better than its stability and resistance are its unique grain and irresistible red hues. This kiln-dried hardwood decking material is knot-free and suitable for even the harshest climate.
  • Tigerwood Decking – Resistant to checking, smoothly finished, and with its tigerish black stripes, this tropical hardwood decking adds elegance and durability to any structure.
  • Brazilian Redwood Decking – Eight times stronger than redwood but still affordable, each rail of this hardwood decking for sale is free of knots and drenched in an attractive red hue.
  • Ipe’ Decking – This incredibly dense wood is unique and long-lasting. Its tan and dark brown tones allow it to match any décor.
  • Accessories – We also carry all those small and seemingly insignificant pieces and materials that can help you make the most of the above outdoor hardwood decking types.

Discover the Best Hardwood Decking Supply Near You!

At Cedar Supply, we never struggle to help you save on hardwood decking material and accessories costs. We encourage you to visit our store to see how we’ve earned our reputation as the best supplier of hardwood decking for sale.

We are based in Fort Collins but can then deliver the quantities you need anywhere in:

  • Cheyenne
  • Denver
  • Loveland
  • Greeley
  • Longmont
  • Boulder.

Call us now to inquire about availability and order the best hardwood decking supply for your new deck: 970-663-2828!

  • How to clean hardwood decking?

    Simple rinsing with water does the trick with typical dirt and grime. For more stubborn areas, a deck wash for wood decking is recommended.

  • Which Hardwood Decking Material is Best?

    There are many species of Hardwood decking. Ipe’ is probably the most popular with its extreme durability, strength and beautiful brown and blonde hues. There is no one best hardwood decking due to the similarities in performance however, Mangaris and Brazilian Redwood tend to do better in dry climates. They also take a stain better than some species.

  • What is exotic hardwood decking?

    Exotic hardwood decking refers to species that are not grown in the U.S.. Most of these species are harvested in South America and Asia.



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