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Whether you’re looking to buy the materials for building your own pergola or you’re looking for an easier DIY present alternative, Cedar Supply North will not disappoint you!

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Fort Collins, Colorado pergolas are becoming extremely popular due to the growing demand of expanding outdoor living areas. More people than ever are now enjoying these new living spaces. A pergola provides a new shaded area, in which you can escape and relax. Ever since we were only a small local lumber company we noticed increasing interest in this type of constructions, so we made it our mission to meet all needs and demands. 

Here at Cedar Supply, we sell both cedar and redwood lumber for Fort Collins patio covers and outdoor structures. With our state-of-the-art vinyl CNC routing machines, we can manufacture almost any size of maintenance-free vinyl pergolas for sale.

Get Help Choosing the Best Outdoor Pergola

An outdoor pergola involves a considerable investment. It is important that you choose it carefully, paying attention to several important aspects, such as: 

  • Design style: rambling garden, neatly trimmed trees and shrubs, some fancy disorder, defined patio and walkways, rustic, modern, or country design influences. 
  • Intended use: everyday use or special occasions, relaxation oasis, or noisy parties with friends and family, outdoor kitchen furniture or just the basics? 
  • Material and color preferences: wood, vinyl, metal, or combinations, clear coats and light stains or dark, rich colors, etc.
  • Size, structure, and emplacement: small or large, open or closed structure, emplaced by the pool or in your backyard, resembling the structure of the other existing buildings on the property. 
  • Amount of share and other features: protection against the sun or exposure to it, closer together or more distant purlins and crossbars, lattice roof or shade canopy, etc. 

Depending on your needs, resources, and priorities, you can buy the materials for your outdoor pergola piece by piece or choose a pergola kit for sale. At Cedar Supply North, we provide a variety of pergola kits and materials able to meet all needs and expectations. 

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We have several indoor and outdoor patio covers and pergola displays here at Cedar Supply in Fort Collins for your viewing. Stop by today and see why Cedar Supply has the best selection of patio covers, outdoor structures, and pergolas. Our specialists can help you choose, provide pergola installation advice as well, and even deliver the necessary materials to your chosen address in Fort Collins, Denver, Greeley, Cheyenne, Loveland, Boulder, or Longmont, CO. 

With our pergolas for sale and our impeccable customer service, your project is bound to be a success.