Pole Barn Materials

For some 25 years, Cedar Supply has been one of the main suppliers of pole barn materials in Fort Collins, stocking building products for barns, horse stables, agricultural buildings, and farm structures.

From small buildings to large commercial projects, we can provide you with the lumber, steel siding and roofing materials, and all of the necessary hardware such as brackets, bolts, and screws.

Building Materials

So, when that time comes to build your next agricultural building, garage, or pole barn, please stop by Cedar Supply. Bring your plans and we’ll do a complete material take off and pricing. We make it easy for you!

A few of the products we carry:

  • Hem fir/Ponderosa Pine Timbers
  • Structural Framing Columns
  • Simpson (Strong Tie) Architectural Brackets
  • Hem Fir/ Southern Yellow Pine Dimensional Lumber
  • Treated/Untreated Southern Yellow Pine Dimensional Lumber